January 2021 – March 2021 – AS AVAILABLE -Baltimore County/City only – Virtual consultations with Towson University student “coaches” to participating schools (when requested) to help delegates prepare for the conference.  TU students will contact each school to set dates/times.

February 24, 2021 – Deadline for receipt of each team’s Preliminary Statement (Opening Statement) for the General Assembly.  Teachers need to send statements via email to Dr. Alison McCartney (

February 24, 2021 – Deadline for individual withdrawal from the conference.  Teachers should immediately notify Dr. Alison McCartney via phone or email (

February 28, 2021 5PM- Deadline for receipt of Policy Statements (Position Paper) for award competition.  Teachers please send via email to Alison McCartney, Dept. of Political Science, Towson U.,

March 5-6, 2021 – Dates of the 2020 Model UN Conference at Towson University.