Mission & Strategic Plan

The Towson University-Baltimore County Public Schools Model United Nations Conference seeks to develop Baltimore County high school students’ awareness of global issues and the problem-solving processes involved in international relations.

Mission Statement

The Model United Nations program, sponsored by Towson University and Baltimore County Public Schools (TU-BCPS), strives to broaden the educational and civic engagement opportunities of college-bound high school students. 

Values & Goals

Our primary goals are to facilitate the study of international affairs and increase global awareness among high school students. In the age of advancing technology and expanding interdependence for all states around the world, American students can no longer remain isolated from the world around them. As educators, we need to strongly encourage our students to expand their knowledge beyond US borders to ensure their ability to become well-informed participants in the American political system. The Model United Nations program achieves these goals by providing students a forum in which they can contemplate world events from the point of view of other countries.

In addition, this program gives students the opportunity to practice and advance their writing, research, and oral presentation skills. Through their role-playing with others, they advance their problem-solving capabilities as they seek to resolve conflicting priorities, backgrounds, and world views in a peaceful way. Their experiences and the skills that they use in this program help to prepare them for the intellectual challenges of higher education and their future as citizens of the United States and members of the global community.