The TU-BCPS Model UN offers awards to recognize those delegates and advisers who demonstrates their hard work and leadership at the TU-BCPS Model UN Conference. The awards honor works of creativity, skill, depth of scholarly work, and the ability to understand and operate effectively at conference. 

It is important to note that while we strongly believe in recognizing the effort that our delegates and their advisers put into conference we also do not want the the end goal of conference to be recognition. Both Towson University and Baltimore County Public Schools want the delegates to focus on preparation for conference, developing important skills, and to be the best representative of their country and school. We want the delegates to leave having learned, experienced, and developed a better understanding of their future career and educational paths. To that end, there are two divisions of awards, please refer to the bottom of the page for division rules.

Awards for Excellence are:

Best Delegation

The team that most accurately and persuasively represents its country’s international position; chosen by students, teachers, and conference co-chairs

Best Public Speaker

The delegate who best fulfilled the attributes of an international ambassador, as conveyed through oral presentations; chosen by teachers and conference co-chairs

Best Position Paper

The delegation that provides the written position paper that most accurately reflects its country’s ideas and conveys exemplary negotiation language; chosen by teachers and conference co-chairs

Best Negotiating Team

The delegation that works hardest and most effectively in negotiating with others to achieve its goals in both formal and informal conference settings; chosen by student participants

Best Diplomat

This award is the Towson University Student Choice Award, delegates are chosen by Towson University students for the delegation which best advance their diplomatic goals.

Faculty Adviser of the Year

Awarded to the faculty adviser that demonstrated outstanding leadership and an extraordinary capacity to engage their delegates.

Baltimore County Public Schools
Non-Baltimore County Schools

Division Rules:

1. Open only to 10th grade students, if at the time of conference there are not enough 10th grade students all other grades will be opened for recognition.

2. Policy Statements will have a BCPS upperclassmen award alongside the 10th grade award.

3. If a non-10th grade delegate or delegation gains a majority of votes, the faculty advisers have the discretion to give out one honorable mention per category.

Division Rules:

1. Open to all grades.

2. The faculty advisers have the discretion to give out one honorable mention per category.