These are common questions and concerns from our participants over the years.

If you have any additional questions that are not answered, please contact the Under-Secretary-Generals, at:

Maddie Meyer: mmeyer25@students.towson.edu

Connor Cameron: ccamer5@students.towson.edu

If you are a BCPS teacher with BCPS policy questions please reach out to Ms. Reneé Baylin, (410) 809-4017 or rbaylin@bcps.org.

General Contact:

E-mail: modelun@towson.edu

Phone: (410) 704–4059

Regular office hours are Monday – Friday (8-5pm). If you call and no one answers, or it is not during our regular office hours, please leave a detailed message with your name, why you are calling, and a good call-back number.

Mailing Address:

Towson University
Department of Political Science

8000 York Road
Towson, Maryland 21252


  • Contact your High School’s Social Studies/ World History Teacher.
  • BCPS has an online registration form for its teachers. Please contact Reneé Baylin at rbaylin@bcps.org for the registration form.
  • For Non-BCPS Schools, please contact Dr. Alison McCartney at amccartney@towson.edu.

Your one-time fee payment covers the first 12 high school students and the 1st teacher for the whole Model UN cycle from August to March. There is an additional fee for each additional high school student and/or teacher beyond the base delegation.

Typically, the TU-BCPS Model UN cycle is located on campus at Towson University. Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, the beginning of the 2021-2022 conference cycle will be held virtually.

We are first and foremost, a partnership between two premier education institutions in Maryland. Our program is based on equity as well as opportunity which means our high school students pay no fee in order to participate!

While our program is aimed at 10th grade students, we will open the program up to other grades as space become available. Student’s age is not a factor as long as they are in high school.

The main office for this program is in the Department of Political Science in the College of Liberal Arts on the 3rd floor at 8000 York Road, Towson, MD 21252. You can contact us at (410) 704-2806 or modelun@towson.edu

The TU-BCPS Model UN has been running since 2002, for over 19 years!

There are no refunds available for this Conference. In the event of any cancellation, we will arrange for a new event date. In the case weather causes our two-day conference to be cancelled, we will reschedule the event as a one-day conference on a later date.

Typically, high schools are required to provide their own transportation to Towson University for conference events. However, the beginning of the 2021-2022 conference cycle will be held virtually, therefore not requiring transportation.


We welcome all alum as you bring experience and knowledge that can help your delegation, team, and committee.

Registration opens up on the last Monday of August (8/31/20) when most schools, including Towson University, return to normal school operations. Registration will end on the 3rd Thursday of October (10/15/20).

Please visit our Timelines and Fees section for more information.

We do not allow a single delegate to represent a country. We want our delegates to have the chance to work with others in order to foster collaboration and encourage teamwork.

No, students are transported by their school to Towson University’s campus for the conference as we do not have the space for overnight stays.

We accept payment via check which can be made out to our TU Co-Chair. Please go to Timelines & Fees for more information.

A full breakfast buffet is provided for the students when they arrive at every event. For lunch we do ask that students bring money (high school students do get reduced pricing) as we eat in one of our dining halls on Towson University’s campus.

We do our best to accommodate all students with food allergies. The teacher or the student should specify if they possess a food allergy prior to any event. We choose the most accommodating dining hall on campus and/or the most accommodating buffet.


The directors for this program currently are Dr. Alison Millett McCartney from Towson University, Mr. Hugh Kearney from G.W. Carver Center, and Ms. Reneé Baylin from the BCPS Office of Social Studies. For more information, go to our Secretariat page.

Our general staff is made up of Towson University students who are currently participating in a credited college course connected to the program. They go through rigorous training for this program in order to ensure they are knowledgeable on all conference materials and scenarios. 


Yes, the contact information for each of our committee chairs will be listed on the website on the Committees page. For the Regional Professors, please look under Workshops & Programs.

We host a Training Day in November which officially kicks-off our Model UN cycle and we also provide student coaches between December and March. In addition, we have many materials and resources for delegates and teachers under ‘My Delegation’. If you have any questions that are not answered on this website, please contact the Under-Secretary-Generals, Maddie Meyer at mmeyer25@students.towson.edu or Connor Cameron at ccc159@georgetown.edu or call (410) 704-2806.

Please see the individual sections of our website entitled Model UN Day and Conference for up-to-date schedules. The Summit schedule is not posted until after the Conference and is under the ‘Conference’ section of our website. Due to the Coronavirus, the Summit has been postponed until further notice. 

For Training Day, students are not expected to have any materials prepared. For the Conference, students must bring a copy of their Policy Statement, Preliminary Statement, and any research they have. If any additional materials are required, our team will send out a notification. 
Teachers are not expected to bring anything for Training Day and for the Conference. If payment has not been made by the time of the Training Day, please bring a check then, as that will be the deadline for payment and full participation.


Our Conference is always held on the first Friday and Saturday of March every year.

  • Please be dressed in Western Business Attire during the entire conference.
    Students must obey all policies and security at the conference. If they do not adhere to the policies, their teacher or relevant high school authorities will take the appropriate action. If the actions of the student warrant, The TU-BCPS Model UN program, its partners, relevant teachers and high school authorities will immediately bar that student from any further participation and their parent will be called to pick the student up. Beyond that, further disciplinary action is decided by the student’s teacher and their relevant high school authorities.
    Towson University does maintain a drug free campus. Anyone found with drugs during the Conference or any other associated event will be barred from participating in the program and the appropriate authorities will be notified. The university does maintain a smoke-free campus with designated areas for smoking, but we ask any adults to refrain while participating at Conference.
    For further Policies and Security please go to the linked page.

Policy statements and preliminary statements are due two weeks prior to conference and will be scored using a rubric. Those students that submit their policy statement and preliminary statement on time will remain eligible for awards at Conference.
Resolutions are crafted while at Conference and students are not permitted to create a resolution prior to the Conference. However, we recommend for students to brainstorm points or ideas regarding a resolution prior to the Conference to work from while in committee.

Yes, we recommend bringing electronic devices so as to develop your argument, paper, or to help another delegate. Laptops should not be used in committee as there will be one provided for the Chair to use or if elected, a student may be chosen to research for the committee as a whole. Students may still use their cellphones in committee.
It should be noted that individuals are responsible for all personal electronic devices and all individuals should maintain a vigilant eye on your property.

You can find a full set of Rules of Procedure on the website or in your blue Model UN Booklet on pages 19-26.

Yes, we encourage the use of research binders and even have a guide on how to put one together.

Generally we try to release the scenario in mid-December so the teachers and students have time to prepare their positions and papers. You can find updates about the scenario at the Past Scenarios page and on the Conference page.

Awards & Summit

Please go the section titled Awards to learn more about the eligibility for specific awards as they differ between BCPS students and Non-BCPS students.

The Summit in April will be invite-only and is a reward to the top-delegates from the Conference. As as result of the Coronavirus, the Summit has been postponed until it is safe to resume in-person activities and events.