From vision to reality, the TU-BCPS Model UN was designed to offer high school students a welcoming environment for open debate, learning, and networking. It is steeped in tradition, high quality education, innovation, and is run by an administration that truly cares.

What is TU-BCPS Model UN?

The Towson University-Baltimore County Public School Model United Nations initiative and program is a 19-year-old partnership founded on building global awareness and driving forward the preparation and readiness of high school students in Maryland for college and careers.

Why TU-BCPS Model UN?

Through common values and innovative approaches, Baltimore County Public Schools and Towson University have the ability to provide a Model UN experience that is unequaled and challenges the largest conferences available.

Cost Effective & Equitable

From the very beginning, the TU-BCPS Model UN made it a key value that all students should have the capability to participate in Model UN no matter their socio-economic status. To ensure that this program is open to each and every high school student, it is offered at no cost to participating students and carries no advisor fees. The average cost for many large and national conferences starts at $90 which is unaffordable for many students and their families.

Innovative & Curriculum Based

The partnership between Baltimore County Public Schools and Towson University was able to explore new ways of teaching and educating students in high school and college. The programming and training that we provide compliments BCPS’ curriculum and assists in increasing a high school students’ college and career readiness. The conference is held on the Towson University campus which provides high school students with unique connections and interactions with professors and college students. 

Service-Learning & Civic Engagement

The entire program, from Model UN Day in November to the Conference in March, is based around civic engagement and developing awareness of international relations and increasing a student’s civic readiness. It also provides Towson University students with an opportunity to be active participants in the Greater Baltimore community.

Tradition & Commitment

The TU-BCPS Model UN has been active for 19 years but our knowledge and history are enhanced by the 150-year history of Towson University and the world-class knowledge that comes from the academic leaders of Baltimore County Public Schools. We are committed to providing a superb and distinctive experience that aims to empower students through profound and energetic engagement.

The Secretariat & Our History

From vision to reality, Mr. Hugh Kearney was first introduced to the Model UN experience when he was a student in high school. He enjoyed it so much that after becoming a teacher himself he was interested in bringing this same experience to his students. In 2002 Kearney held his first Model UN Conference alongside Dr. Alison McCartney, a political science professor at Towson University, who also has experience in conference planning. Both believe that this program not only contributes educational means but also gives participants the opportunity to discover things about themselves they would have never known.

Students get to exercise their public speaking, writing, and brainstorming skills. “Feels good to contribute to people’s lives,” Kearney expressed during the 2016 Model UN conference. Both Kearney and McCartney hope that this conference continues to grow and one day become a state level public conference.

The schools that participate in the Model United Nations conference not only come from Baltimore County, but also from Charles County, Anne Arundel County, and Baltimore City. Our goal is to reach as many schools as possible and to one day make the Model UN a Maryland-Wide Event.

Conference Scenario

Every year at Model UN Day the Faculty Advisors vote upon the scenario of the Conference, with the goal of highlighting a current issue or issues. The 18th Conference scenario for 2019 was the ‘UNHCR Refugee Challenge’. For more information on current and past scenarios go to ‘Past Scenarios’ and login for the background guides. 

Check here for updates on the next conference Scenario.

Contact Us

Our Secretariat and Staff Council are always happy to help with any questions you may have and we also welcome suggestions for improving. Please go to our contact page to fill out a submission or contact us through email, ModelUN@Towson.edu, or by calling us at (410) 704-4059.